Terralta Recycling, created in 1998, is a company that collects at source, recovers and manages plastic waste. We are located in Gandesa, Catalonia (Spain), occupying an industrial space of more than 10,000 sq m. Our facilities allow us to treat a great variety of post industrial and post consumer plastics, which can then be reincorporated into production processes. It filters and purifies the industrial water to be reused and achieve savings in water use.

Our plastic providers are companies operating in the auxiliary automotive industry, injection, food, refuse collection for recycling, as well as other auxiliary industries that generate post industrial plastic waste. We also provide containers to these companies in order to facilitate the at source plastic collection.

Our products are targeted at industries that manufacture plastic pieces using injection, extrusion and blowing methods, and use recycled plastic as a raw material.


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Our daily work consists in converting post industrial and post consumer plastic waste into raw materials that can be reincorporated into production processes:


  • At source collection of plastic materials for companies requiring it
  • Recycling of different types of plastic, in a process that includes:
    • Plastic grinding, including drums, boxes, lumps, no film, etc.
    • Washing the grounded material
    • Classification by density, drying of different types of plastic

We process mainly polyethylene and polypropylene, although we also treat plastics such as PVC, PS, PC and PA. We can offer customized solutions to each client's specific plastic subproduct.

PE before and after processing

Director: Mr. Joan Grau Mateu

Economist by training. Former professor of financial math at Caracas UCV University, with an interest in the environment. He has promoted several recycling companies since the beginning of the nineties and provides fiscal advice to companies. He loves nature and spending time hiking and trekking.

His tasks at Terralta Recycling include the management and administration of the company; attending the main plastic fairs to search for new technologies and plastic recovery systems; and the international search for clients and providers.


Polígon Industrial La Plana
Povet De La Plana, Parc 8
43780 Gandesa
Tarragona, Catalonia (Spain)


  • Tel.: +34 977 421 656
  • Cell: +34 629 327 541
  • Fax: +34 977 421 503
  • E-mail: info@terralta.cat


  • Do you collect general waste? Would like to extract more value from plastic waste? Terralta Recycling can help you maximize the value of your plastic waste
  • Do you generate a regular volume of plastic waste as a result of your industrial activity? Terralta Recycling can collect it and treat it


  • Do you use injection, extrusion or blowing methods and recycled plastic as a raw material? Terralta Recycling can provide you recycled plastic in small quantities, containers, and trailers holding 20 metric tons

Contact us. Send us an e-mail to info@terralta.cat or call us at +34 977 421 656.

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